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In Definition of In by Merriam-Webster.
1: in: within: into: toward: on usually il before l il luminate, im before b, m, or p im port, ir before r ir radiate, and in before other sounds in fect. 2: en sense 2 im peril. Medical Definition of in.
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In Wikipedia.
IN, In or in may refer to.: 2 Businesses and organizations. 3 Science and technology. 4 Other uses. 5 See also. India country code IN. Indiana, United States postal code IN. Ingolstadt, Germany license plate code IN. Businesses and organizations edit. Independent Network, a UK-based political association. Indiana Northeastern Railroad Association of American Railroads reporting mark. Indian Navy, a part of the India military. Infantry, the branch of a military force that fights on foot. MAT Macedonian Airlines IATA designator IN. Science and technology edit. in, the internet top-level domain of India. Inch in, a unit of length. Indium symbol In, a chemical element with atomic number 49. Intelligent Network, a telecommunication network standard. Intra-nasal insufflation, a method of administrating some medications and vaccines. Integrase, a retroviral enzyme. Other uses edit. In album, by the Outsiders, 1967.
in Wiktionary.
In older texts, the n is spelled together with a vowel-initial word e.g. i n-aice le instead of modern in aice le beside and i nÉirinn or i n-Éirinn instead of modern in Éirinn in Ireland. Also in older texts, in bhur may be spelled i nbhur.
In a Heartbeat Animated Short Film YouTube.

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