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AUTHORITY meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
He did not have enough authority within the company to make the decision. the authority to do sth The federal government has the authority to regulate phone service provided over the internet. authority over sb The accrediting board is the legal body with authority over the institution.
Authority Definition of Authority by Merriam-Webster.
b: the power to act that is officially or formally granted as by statute, corporate bylaw, or court order within the scope of the treasurer's' authority police officers executing a warrantare not required to knock and announce their authority and purposes before entering National Law Journal. Wörterbuch: authority: Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzung.
Herrschaft f Max Weber pol. Kenner m authority person. Autoritätsperson f authority on a subject. Kapazität f authority authoritativeness. Verbindlichkeit f authority female. Kennerin f authority importance, validity. Geltung f Gültigkeit to carry authority. Ansehen haben to consolidate sb.'s' authority.
Authority Wikipedia.
In European political philosophy, the jurisdiction of political authority, the location of sovereignty, the balancing of notions of freedom and authority, 8 and the requirements of political obligations have been core questions from the time of Plato and Aristotle to the present.

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